• explore        leadership…

  • Leadership is best thought of as an adventure…

  • A journey that starts and never ends…

  • Always encountering the unknown…always learning…

What we do…

Like a trusty pair of binoculars, we help you focus and see things that you couldn’t see before. When you are aware of what is truly going on - where you really are - then it becomes dramatically easier to get where you are going. This opens the door for individuals and teams to produce their best, most powerful work.

Why we do what we do…One reason. Performance.

Knowing and doing, just like planning and executing, are different things.

Individuals and teams with deep knowledge, talent and impressive strategic plans often miss the mark in their efforts. Humans come in many shapes and sizes with different ideas, beliefs and perspectives. While variety and diversity serve to strengthen organizations, the same elements can get in the way of progress. Especially, in the ever-changing environments in which we work.

Awareness and understanding of self, the perspective of others and the science behind our actions creates the foundation to perform well. Which is where we begin our journey.

How we do what we do…

How we do what we do…
We serve as your guide, partner and co-creator on the journey you chose. We spend time with you and your team, in your environment. We get to know you and connect with your values, goals and aspirations. We work with you to identify the problem to be solved by challenging your beliefs and modus operandi.

We use the science of evidence-based research combined with the art of application through our custom Action Packages™.

Clients call me when…

• Service delivery is inconsistent
• The organization or industry is undergoing change and transformation
• Teams, groups, departments and individuals are not communicating well, causing friction, conflict, wasting time, competing rather than collaborating
• Strategy is not getting executed, knowing is not translating to doing
• Individuals and teams want to master new and existing skills to perform more powerfully
• Teams want to maximize the strengths of the individuals on the team
• They want to create something new, or first-of-kind

Reasons not to call me:
• The process is messy. The presenting reason that moves you to action may not be the underlying reason.
• Research shows that the success rate of culture change is 30% (source).
• Behavior change is slow. It took a long time to get to the present, it will take time to make changes.

The solution…Action Packs!

action pack
Whatever your role, we will work side-by-side with you to build upon what you are doing well and to exchange what needs improvement for something better.

Book a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation.

Making sure we are well-suited to travel together is the first order of business. Connecting on the phone will give us a sense of fit and style. It’s your time to ask questions, and satisfy your curiosity about our services. We are in the exploration business, and it works both ways!


500-feet of waterfront on beautiful Lake Wylie. It is a place to think, reflect and take stock of what matters. Transform your thinking. Refresh your soul. It is a place to play, explore and experiment with your creative spirit.

Book a stay at The Cottage for some quiet, reflective time for yourself or bring a buddy. Find out more about our Action Packages, Group and Team Retreats and additional services.